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About Them

Miss Megan’s Make Room is an instructional art gallery that offers camps and classes for both kids and adults. She offers weekly after school classes during the school year and half-day camps during the summer. Activities range from simple crafts, painting and drawing, to murals and sculptures. For adults, she offers both formal art classes and fun “hangout” art sessions and DIY projects. She encourages individuality when it comes to her student’s work and views her role in the creative process to be guidance on technique and emotional support.

Their Recommendation

Check out all of the hidden gems in and around the shop. From murals in the back alley, to the free library, to the vending machine, the shop is a gallery in itself.

What \"Local and Independent\" Means to Them

“Being independent allows me to fill voids in the community. Flexibility allows me to adapt the Make Room to different needs. I can also create new classes based on what people or I am interested in.”