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Growing your business is an exciting and challenging journey. With so many hats to wear, we know how difficult and frustrating it can be to grow your audience, extend your network, and tell your story in a way that impacts your bottom line.

We believe that many of these challenges can be overcome when you find the right people in your community that are eager to support each other and collaborate.

You shouldn’t have to do it alone! And imagine the opportunities that come from getting involved with some of the best business owners and entrepreneurs in town!

Extend Your Business Reach!

That's exactly why we started the Local LBK Partner Program! For only $65/month you get: 

  • A verified Local LBK listing with SEO, e-commerce capabilities, event listings, deal offerings, and analytics dashboard
  • Our Monthly Partner Newsletter where we share insights, tips, events, and strategic opportunities for your brand 
  • Monthly Survey where we ask about your goals, challenges, updates, and offers to share with the community and our audience
  • Earn the chance for free media coverage by sharing updates with us in your survey or the content you publish through your listing
  • Invites to The Lubbock Social Club events
  • Support connecting with our other partners for business development and collaborations
  • Exclusive B2B Deals from our other local partners
  • Partner-only sponsorship opportunities and advertising pricing 

It's Easy!

We make it easy for you to tap into the biggest competitive advantage and opportunities in your own backyard through our three-part program.

1. Partnership

Become a Local LBK Partner and stay up to date with our monthly partner newsletter, connect with other local business owners wanting to help each other, and grow with Lubbock's best brands

2.  Connect

Earn free media attention by sharing your latest projects, product launches, and business updates for us to share across our branded channels

3. Collaboration

Tap into the huge opportunities available through Local LBK collaborations like native content advertising, original content series, curated events, sponsorships, giveaways, co-branded merch, and more!

We do this to serve you!

In this day and age, it shouldn't be so hard to find out what is going on in your own community! You can't leave these kinds of things to chance. Don't get left behind by the rising tide.

As a Local LBK partner, you won't have to worry any longer with so many opportunities easily at your disposal! A community of like-minded owners, regular updates about what's going on in town, market trends and case studies, giveback and advertising opportunities, and even coaching and funding, are all just a click away!

We can’t wait to welcome you into the Local LBK community and help you discover all of the opportunities in your own backyard!

Become a partner and join the community today!

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