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Our Initiatives

Lubbock is full of amazing people that impact our community in powerful ways! We partner with the most impactful organizations to make a difference in our community.

Keep it

We partner with 130+ locally owned and independent businesses to provide you with exclusive rewards and deals. These special offers are a simple thank you for supporting our partners and by shopping locally! Your every day actions and decisions actively make a difference!

Sponsorship Program

If you can’t tell by now we are huge fans of the LBK. We know we aren’t the only ones which is why we created our sponsorship program designed to help great organizations like yours find the right fit to give back to our community and to have your story told!

Contributor Program

We also know some of Lubbock’s coolest influencers! It’s amazing seeing the content and community that our friends have built. Some with followers from all over the world and others with niche audiences right in our backyard. Want to share your local love with your audience? We would love to collab!


Through our community relationships we have found powerful nonprofits that meet critical needs in our community. We are proud to donate $1/subscription/month to a fund that invests in these amazing organizations. Play your part in giving back to our community by becoming a Local LBK Subscriber

We do this to serve you!

We do all of this because we know you have a lot of options for what to do with your time and money!

It is super frustrating not knowing if you’re making the right decision. Am I getting a good deal? Do they have great products or services? Do they care about the things I care about?

We take out all of the guesswork for you by verifying each of our partners! Every business listing gives you an inside look to learn their story, get our personal recommendation, and hear why they love our community.

Get the Local Experience

Know exactly what to expect when shopping with our verified local businesses

Impact your community
Shopping with local businesses not only keeps money in our community but supports our amazing entrepreneurs that invest in our city!

You can trust us, we’re locals too!

It is hard knowing about everything going on in town! Trust us, we learn something new every day and we’ve been at this since 2013! And since then we’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and find the LBK’s best kept secrets.

  • 1000+ locals have already signed up to get the best deals, rewards, products, events, and news in town!
  • 130+ locally owned and independent businesses have partnered with us to give you the local experience!
  • Our #locallbk hashtag is one of the most used hashtags in the LBK!

Get your Passport to the LBK!

 Local LBK Subscription

The Local LBK Subscription is your all access pass to the Local Experience for just $5/month!

  • Exclusive Rewards to your favorite locally owned and independent businesses
  • First access to Local LBK Original Events
  • Discounts on Local LBK Merchandise
  • Make an impact with $1 from each subscription being donated to local and independent nonprofits!
  • Earn cash sharing the Local Experience with your friends and family with our affiliate programs!

 Own a Local Business?

We help you tap into the biggest competitive advantage and opportunities in your own backyard through our three-part program.

  • Become a Local LBK Partner and stay up to date with our monthly partner newsletter, connect with other local business owners wanting to help each other, and grow with Lubbock's best brands
  • Earn free media attention by sharing your latest projects, product launches, and business updates for us to share across our branded channels
  • Tap into the huge opportunities available through Local LBK collaborations like guaranteed promotional coverage, original content series, curated events, sponsorships, giveaways, co-branded merch, and more!

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