Livin' Like a Local

Livin’ Like a Local

The phrase is catching on.

The movement is growing.

People are realizing that their community has a lot to offer.

People across generations and across borders are realizing that place matters, shopping locally is important, and therefore are finding ways to care for and impact their community.

So what does Living Like a Local mean?

Living like a local means that you want to fully experience what your city has to offer!

Living like a local means that you want to support the local and independent organizations in your community because they are what give your city its’ unique charm, flavor, style, personality, and experience!

Living like a local means that you want your everyday actions and decisions to have a purpose and to benefit the community you live in!

Living like a local means that you want to see a city full of people that support one another in caring for your shared community and accomplishing their dreams!

Living like a local means that you’re supporting the movers and shakers that are shaping the future of our great city to be a better place!

Living like a local means that we’re all in this together and that we all have our own part to play.

How do I Live Like a Local?

We made it super easy to help you get started by living like a local!

To get started all you have to do is download our app, Local LBK and subscribe for our member rewards!

When you become a rewards member you are joining a community of others that are all living like locals! As you use our app and redeem rewards you discover Lubbock’s best local and independent organizations, receiving the best service and rewards from our members, and supporting our community by spending money with locally owned and independent businesses. The $1 we set aside every month from your subscription goes straight into our community impact fund!

So join the community and start Livin’ Like a Local!

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