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Webster’s Dictionary defines a Singletree as a pivoted swinging bar to which the traces of a harness are fastened and by which a vehicle or implement is drawn. The function of the Singletree is to balance the pull on the animal’s shoulders as it walks. Without a Singletree the alternating steps of the animal can cause unnecessary wear on their bodies.

Small business owners are pulled in so many directions these days it is easy for the accounting and bookkeeping to fall by the wayside. Like in the example above without proper bookkeeping your business can become unbalanced. Unnecessary wear can occur resulting in lost profits and overworked owners.

Having a bookkeeper can bring several benefits to your business:
Reduced workload on business owners
Timely reporting on business segments and operations
Tracking where your cash is going and looking for cost saving opportunities
Assisting with quarterly and annual tax reporting
Additional reporting to help with business decisions

Singletree Accounting Services is here to help bring balance your business.

Their Recommendation

Singletree is owned and operated by Blake Thomas who is a licensed CPA in the Great State of Texas.

What \"Local and Independent\" Means to Them

Being Local means that when you go to United you can run into your customers. You get to have that moment of connection and small talk that builds a strong relationship. Our customers are more than just a number on a screen. They are our friends and neighbors.

Being Independent means I get to decide how I want to deal with my clients. Other than regulatory or licensing agencies I answer to only my customers.