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I'm Kurtis and I grew up right here in Lubbock. As much as I wanted to get the hell out of Dodge all growing up, I've come to really love it here and I love serving the people of Lubbock.

It's too easy to get stuck in the rut of daily life, just waiting for the weekend. Real thriving means working through anxiety and insecurities so we can pursue the life we always wanted, while loving the life we have in the process.

I'm here to help with that. Live Free Life Coaching is designed to help you process through anxiety and fear, start making little changes that make a big difference, and get back on track to loving life and making a difference.

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I offer Monthly Coaching Subscriptions including a Texting Based Coaching Subscription so you have access to me anytime you have your phone! Whatever your needs and budget are, make something work that will get you where you want to be.

What \"Local and Independent\" Means to Them

We all want to be "World Changers." The problem with that is, we can't possible change the world on our own. But we can love, support, and empower the people around us, and when enough people commit to that purpose together, they end up changing the world. Just look at what Jesus and a handful of raggedy disciples did! Local means helping the person next to you and watching it catch on until it becomes a way of life. I have been given that by the people of Lubbock, and this is my way of jumping in and joining the movement.


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