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Jackalope Creative is comprised of husband and wife team Kaleb & Tamara Willey and is now based in Lubbock, TX. While offering freelance design, photo, and video services, Jackalope Creative also produces a line of apparel, stickers, accessories, etc all inspired by early Americana design and subject matter. You can see their work and goods at thejackalopecreative.com

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Throughout history, the Jackalope has stood as a coalescence of the rugged durability necessary for jackrabbits to survive on the rough and tumble plains and forests and the creativity and whimsy of storytellers and craftsmen. At Jackalope Creative, we strive to provide this same consolidation of rugged, time-honored tradition blended with innovation and ingenuity.

What \"Local and Independent\" Means to Them

As a couple, we are very mindful of trying to be citizens of our community. Every week, you'll find us at the Farmers' Market wanting to support local agriculture, making (frequent) stops to our favorite local coffee shop, and stopping into all the local shops we see around town. It's our desire to support privately owned businesses as much as we can.



Jackalope Creative offers freelance design, photo and video services.