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Colorful and fun map art that marks those places that are special to you

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Hi, I'm Amy, the artist behind Amy Elizabeth Artwork! After a career in graphic design and years at home being a mom, I began practicing art full-time just a few years ago. I found myself inspired by travel and developed a process for painting street maps, in an abstract way. I found that maps are the perfect subject matter for me, as each location is so different and I enjoy finding the colors for each piece that represent that city. Maps have always been a love of mine since they reflect all the places we've been, and the towns that we call home. A map of Lubbock was one of my first to paint, with it's recognizable loop surrounding the grid lines. I've always been interested in telling stories, marking moments in time, and capturing our family's memories. We've moved around a bit and so each town, each home, each adventure holds a part of our story. I was excited to create art that served a purpose, a snapshot of a memory - a family vacation spot, a favorite college town, the location of our first home or where we grew up. Add in some fun color and design and I've found my sweet spot. And as a perfectionist, the clean lines of a map and the shapes created, also make me very happy. I sell my art prints on and love shipping my designs all over the country - but my local customers are always my favorite. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love, and offer something to my local community.

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I've painted our city's map many times, but my favorite version is a newer one called "LUBBOCK SEASONS" that comes in 4 watercolor options. See all my Lubbock maps on

What \"Local and Independent\" Means to Them

My husband and I meet on the Texas Tech campus many years ago and were so happy when we were able to move back to Lubbock with our kids in 2014. We are so proud to live in such a wonderful community, that's full of support for local businesses. Though I don't have a brick & mortar location, I love working with Lubbock residents to create fun and special art pieces.