Your Tools


The Keep it Local Program

A turnkey platform that engages Lubbock’s best customers to connect with and support your brand!

  • Customize your business listing for the perfect first impression.
  • Manage your specials and offer rewards to gain new and repeat customers
  • Create public events or make money selling tickets to your own private events
  • Sell your best selling products with our online marketplace
  • Measure traffic of Local LBK customers and missed opportunities with Outserved technology
  • See how everything is performing in one easy dashboard

Custom Campaigns

The sky is the limit to the collaborations we can do together to achieve your goals. From social media features to pop-up speakeasies, we’ve done it, and can design something that delivers what your company needs.

  • Original content creation capturing your story
  • One of a kind events for unforgettable customer experiences
  • Branded products to generate new revenue streams
  • Member collabs to tap into new customer segments
  • Merch to swag out your loyal fans

Sponsorship Packages

Put your brand front and center as a champion of Lubbock and supporting our community.

  • Weekly shoutouts in the Local LBK email newsletter
  • Monthly features highlighting different elements and perspectives of your brand
  • Prime placement on the Local LBK website main page
  • A dedicated page under our sponsor page
  • Professional highlight video showcasing your impact in the community

Road Map

Your Road Map


Pick your Tier

Each of our plans includes resources and technology to help your business grow. Send push notifications to your followers, see real-world and online traffic, and easily access activity reports through your own dashboard.


Create your Listing

 Your listing shares your story, gives an insider tip, and rewards potential and repeating customers for doing business with you! Top it off with your company logo and professional images and you just made the perfect first impression.


Schedule an appointment

This is our favorite part of the whole process! We get to meet you and hear your story! We’ll learn more about your brand and what you stand for, then put together a custom proposal to share how we can help you along the way.


We’ll share your Story!

Our custom campaigns are designed to deliver on the goals you set! From compelling business features, original content series, to events, we’ll have a great time getting your company the attention it deserves.“


Your Investment

Included in all plans:

✔️  Business Listing

✔️  Local LBK Reward

✔️  eCommerce Product Listing

✔️  Create Events & Sell Tickets

✔️  Customizable Deals

✔️  Geofencing

✔️  Business Dashboard

Creators & Non-Profits

  • 1 Content Re-Share (1 Media Outlet)
  • Owners Facebook Group
  • Consumers Facebook Group
  • Quarterly Networking Workshop

Local Businesses

  • 3 Content Re-Shares (1 Media Outlet)
  • Owners Facebook Group
  • Consumers Facebook Group
  • Quarterly Networking Workshop
  • 10% Off Employee Perk Program

Local Icons

  • 5 Content Re-Shares (1 Media Outlet)
  • Owners Facebook Group
  • Consumers Facebook Group
  • Quarterly Networking Workshop
  • 25% Off Employee Perk Program
  • SEO Optimization
  • Top Business Promotion Feature

How we’ve helped our members

Running a business isn’t easy and has a ton of moving parts. As fellow leaders in charge of our own local and independent organization, we know all too well the sacrifices that it takes to make life and business dreams become realities. That is why we created Local LBK to create competitive advantages for local and independent businesses because the work you do is meaningful work and makes our community a better place! 

Here are just a few examples from our members of how Local LBK helps create opportunities for local businesses

Italian Garden:

In our early years, we posted this picture of the Torellin a la Rosa from Italian Garden (a personal favorite) and saw some great engagement on the post but we were super excited to hear from Bash the next day when he messaged us saying that he had four tables come in because they saw our post!

California T’s:

2020 was a rough year for a lot of businesses, especially during the mandatory closure of non-essential businesses. That is when our friend Madison reached out to us with an idea to use her product as a fundraiser for small business grants. Through this collaboration, we raised over $1200 through the sale of specific products! This not only helped keep her team busy and working but allowed us to give grants to four different businesses to take care of their teams.

Mountain Hideaway:

Kyle Jones has been a big supporter of Local LBK since the beginning! He has some amazing customers that love the outdoors, care about their community, and just like a lot of us love getting a deal. One of Kyle’s customers reached out to us to let us know that we helped them save 10% on their $600+ ticket because of their Local LBK Reward. Kyle made a great sale, the customer got a great deal while shopping locally, and we helped keep those dollars in our community!

Beyond Broadway:

We partnered with a group of five of our members to put together a one-of-a-kind, invite-only, $70 ticket, sell-out event. Beyond Broadway was a speakeasy-themed experience with a four-course meal crafted by Heart and Soul Cusine, a prohibition-era-inspired cocktail bar from The Library Bar, and a local five-piece live jazz band. The event was a hit! All of our guests loved the experience, all of our members had a blast and made a profit!